December Reading Analysis

Hi  all. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year!  We have no real plans for this evening other than tucking into a home-cooked curry that is already bubbling away in the slow cooker and drinking a bottle of champers-and that’s just the way I like it. Undoubtedly 2014 will end with us curled on the couch with our two cats, watching a Harry Potter film, as it has every other year for as long as I can remember. My other half has woken up this morning not feeling 100 percent, so I’m actually hoping he will still be awake come midnight.

Along those lines, I feel the need to explain my serious lack of blogging in December, too. The last week and a half I have been laid up with a bad virus and a hideously sore throat; which, whilst it has given me a legitimate reason for continually curling up with a book, meant Christmas Day was a bit of a wash-out and ensured that I really couldn’t be bothered to sit down and blog about what I was reading, either. What made it worse was that I actually finished work on 19th December and had so much reading planned, then it seemed like every day I just wanted to lie on the couch in my pyjamas and do absolutely nothing- other than cough a lot, that is. Meh. I hate feeling yucky around Christmastime- it feels like such a waste!

I do have a couple of outstanding reviews I need to post for Netgalley, so they will be appearing on here soon.  Other than that, I have committed to no more review copies (and I don’t intend to request any either!) as I have a serious book haul to get through now from Christmas and I am going to be busy with personal things in the upcoming months. More about that in my 2014 Reading Analysis, which will be online in the next couple of days.

So: onto December’s books! Despite being poorly and also busy with various social events during the month, I still read quite a lot. I completed 22 books in fact- with only a couple of books in there that I suppose I would class as a bit disappointing- one of which was an aforementioned review copy I’m still to sit down and blog about. I’m reading another couple of books at the moment which I might get through before this evening is out, but I’m not rushing them by any means.

I’ve enjoyed some romance, cosy crime, historical fiction and legal dramas in recent weeks- finishing off 2014 with a bit of a mixed bag of reads and clearing some more paperbacks from my shelves. This was supposed to clear some space for the newer books I received for Christmas, but given how many books I was gifted, I may need a second office soon…!

I’ve also been going through a bit of a crime kick in December, experiencing some serial killer dramas as well as some ‘true crime’ accounts. One of the best books I encountered in December was actually ‘Columbine’ by Dave Cullen, which I realise sounds a little weird, but it was an incredibly well-written and researched book on such an emotive subject matter. I was at school myself when the events in Denver happened and I can still recall how shocked I was by what was playing out on TV overseas. The book lays a lot of rumours to rest, as well as trying to ascertain motives behind the school-shooters actions.  I’ve also just finished my first Ann Rule book. I’ve been meaning to try her writing for years and Small Sacrifices was another memorable, heartbreaking read that I couldn’t put down. I will definitely be looking out for more of her books in future.

Another unforgettable book in the month was ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes; a massive chunkster but a superbly written thriller in the vein of Robert Ludlum that had me enthralled. I truly intended to review this brilliant book and am sad I didn’t have the chance to rave about it on my blog. I think this book is a must for fans of The Bourne Ultimatum or other spy/espionage novels.  I’ve passed it onto my dad to read next as I’m sure he’ll really enjoy it, but I think it would also work really well as an audio-book, so I’ll probably be recommending it to my other half, too for his commutes to work.

My final favourite book in December was definitely The Queen’s Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle, which I borrowed from the book-drop in my old office and then inadvertently forgot to return it. Oops! Needless to say, this was a brilliant piece of historical fiction which I think fans of Philippa Gregory will love. It has reminded me just how much I enjoy Tudor history too, which is certainly a good thing as I received Wolf Hall and some Jean Plaidy novels for Christmas, which I can’t wait to read.

I finished off the TimeRiders series as well in December, having been gifted with the last book for Christmas. What can I say…? Let’s just say that for me, the last book was admittedly something of a disappointment, particularly in comparison to how much I adored the rest of the series and leave it at that. Sigh.

Into January I am hoping that as I start to feel a bit better (I actually feel much better today than I have for a good couple of weeks) I will get into the swing of blogging again, after a few ups and downs towards the end of last year. I may not be able to post as frequently as I used to, but we’ll see. I have so many brilliant books that I want to dive into and I feel very lucky that I have somewhere of my very own that I can go and share my love of them with, with people who enjoy reading just as much as me.

However you are spending the end of 2014, I hope you all have a truly wonderful , memorable evening and I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2015.


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