November Reading Analysis

Wow. It’s December already. That came around fast, didn’t it? What another hectic month it has been! Though I had some pretty busy weekends, I got through a fair few books in the past few weeks (all of which were physical copies, not kindle editions for the first time in a VERY long time!)- and I started my Christmas shopping too- though I’m still a little bit behind with my gift-buying, which I put down to me having a sore throat and bad cold in the middle of the month and just generally not feeling up to trailing around the shops (or doing very much of anything, infact). Bleurgh.

Still, I have most of my better-half’s gift-buying completed now (I’ve got him a few lovely surprises that I can’t wait to show him!) but I still need to buy a few more presents for my parents and friends after November’s pay-day. Hopefully I’ll get that finished in the next week or so- I’m really looking forward to the festive season this year and spending quality time with my nearest and dearest. I just can’t wait to put our Christmas tree up.  Unsurprisingly my Christmas wish list comprises mainly of books- and a few clothes and some makeup- but mostly books 🙂

I finished 14 books in November- a fairly reasonable total since I’ve been so busy, and what I got through was really great, so much so that I’m having a problem singling out just a few as my favourite (I love it when that happens)! I really enjoyed Angel by Elizabeth Taylor, which I adored for its memorably bitchy lead character and The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, which I finally got around to picking up. Both of these books will definitely be favourite reads of 2014.

I read some more non-fiction in November again, this time an autobiography by Rick Stein, a famous seafood chef here in the UK, which I borrowed from my dad. I love all of Rick’s cooking shows and his life has been pretty eventful too, as his book, Life under a Mackerel Sky demonstrated. I don’t often read autobiographies as the person themselves has to really interest me, but happily this was the case with Rick Stein, though the book did end somewhat abruptly for my tastes.

I also read a few other chunksters in November- some historical fiction by Sarah Dunant about the Borgia’s and an anthology of Ernest Hemingway’s short stories. The Casual Vacancy was also a big chunkster. It’s been so nice picking up what I fancy reading and not what I feel obligated to. On the other hand, I’m afraid I have temporarily given up on The Count of Monte Cristo– I just don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to read it at the moment- I’m not enjoying it anymore and it seems to require a great deal of concentration- I want to feel in a mood where I can really appreciate it. Sad times.  Maybe I’ll try again next year…

I didn’t actually have any reads I disliked this month at all, which I think mainly comes from picking out options from my own TBR stash. Long may this continue!

After I mentioned last month that I was going through a bit of a reading and blogging blip, happily I’ve managed to make more time to read and review in November. Again, not quite to the extent that I would actually like to be doing, but I did manage to get some reviews completed and I’ve tried to feel less pressured when it comes to posting as well. From some other blogs I’ve been reading lately, it seems I’m not the only blogger to have such thoughts, which is reassuring, so I’m not beating myself up so much about everything. It seems like I’m experiencing more and more audio books these days as well- so I would like to review these when I get through them too. I’m listening to The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters at the moment and liking it so far.

In December I have a friend’s wedding to look forward to, as well as my work Christmas party in the run-up to December 25th. I’m finishing work December 19th and not starting back until after the New Year, so I have some looooong leisurely days of reading planned in amongst catching up with friends, and I genuinely can’t wait for them to start! It’s my grand plan to get a few more older paperbacks cleared from my shelves, to make room for what will hopefully be a nice Christmas book haul- fingers crossed! I also have a few review copies to read from Netgalley, which I’m looking forward to picking up. If I have the time I would also like to sink into some cosy, escapist chick-lit. Ooh, I’m feeling all merry now at the mere thought!

I hope everyone has a terrific reading month and a truly great festive season 🙂

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