September Reading Analysis

So, I got a lot of reading done in September- or at least towards the start of the month, which was mainly down to my holiday, which alas feels like a very dim and distant memory now that autumn is well and truly here in our part of the UK.  The rest of September I seemed to be reading the same two chunky novels for what felt like forever!  I’m actually still reading The Count of Monte Cristo as my bedtime book, but I anticipated it would take me a while. At least I’m enjoying it. It’s probably going to take me at least until the end of November to finish the chunkster off though. I was glad I read so many books whilst I was away as it meant I could relax a little more about not getting so much done when I got home again and back to everyday life! In the  meantime, I’ve not requested any more review copies though, just to stop me from getting side-tracked.

I managed to finish 32 books in September, which I’m pretty happy about and it’s one of my highest monthly totals for a while. I’m still reading Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene (one of my Penguin orange classics and a Guardian read!) which I picked up yesterday evening and I know I probably won’t get it completed before tomorrow. Tuesday is my ‘magazine’ day as I buy a few celebrity magazines when they are released here in the UK (my guilty pleasure though I refuse to apologise for it!) and spend my Tuesday night ploughing through them for salacious gossip.

Anyway, my favourite books in the month were The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, which was another one of my beloved Penguin orange classics.  To be honest, there weren’t really any reads that majorly disappointed me in September at all, though I did have somewhat mixed feelings about Victoria Hislop’s newest novel. M.M. Kaye’s book Trade Wind also had some aspects that as a woman, made me feel very cross. If you’ve read it, then I imagine you know which bits I’m on about.

I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to get a few non-fiction reads in recently too as my reading material has definitely been way more fiction-focused this year. I picked up a light-hearted book about a ‘book barge’ on the plane to Greece and then on the way home a fascinating (though chilling) read about North Korea and its work camps. I’d like this trend of more non-fiction to continue and have a few books about travel/moving abroad on my wish list, but we’ll see. Last year I aimed for at least one non-fiction read a month and mostly managed to stick to it, but that just hasn’t happened at all this year. Despite my best intentions I keep being completely distracted by other things.

As ever, I also have an audiobook on the go for my walk to work and for the gym- The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert- at the moment, which is a whopping 22 hours long. It started off as a brilliant historical epic focusing on botany and travel and then suddenly veered off into ’50 Shades of Grey’ territory, really quite unexpectedly. This came as something of a surprise as I was walking to work and suddenly heard some rather graphic descriptions that made me blush. Overuse of the word ‘quim’ aside (yes, really), I’ll probably be sorry to finish this audiobook and I’m not quite sure what my next one will be, though chances are it will be something else by Nora Roberts as I have some more from her stored ready on my computer.

Looking ahead to October, I’m not sure how much time I will have for reading, certainly nowhere near as much as in September- we have lots of weddingy bits and pieces that need doing, which we tend to get completed on weekends and we have a few things planned with family and friends as well. I am aiming to get some books from my shelf finished at least so I can drop them off at the charity shop and hopefully will have time to read a few more Penguin orange classics, too. My aim is to curb my Kindle reading- at least for a little while and get some paperbacks finished and make some space in our office. Christmas is coming up, after all..! There are actually lots of new ‘festive’ themed books from some of my favourite romance authors that are due to be released shortly which are also calling to me, but I just don’t think I’m going to have the time to get through any of them, unfortunately. *Sad face.*

However you are spending your October, I hope you all have a great reading month! 🙂


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