A Holiday Reading Analysis

Well, I’m now home from an absolutely wonderful holiday and it’s sadly down to reality with a bump! I started back at work today which soon put all thoughts of sunshine and relaxation very far from my mind. Aside from a touch of the post-holiday blues, we picked up our cats from the cattery tonight, which has cheered us up a lot as we missed them so, so much!

Greece was amazing- a beautiful country with some amazingly friendly people, stunning scenery and terrific food. We stayed in Analipsi/Messini, which is part of the Peloponnese region and I would definitely go back there. Tomorrow. If only! I do feel so lucky to have experienced it.

Below: One of the stunning views taken of the city of KalamataBooks

On a positive note, I got a LOT of reading done whilst we were in Greece, even despite all of the activities we undertook-daily fitness classes, swimming, kayaking and more. Believe it or not, I am now a massive fan of yoga- I’m definitely going to carry on with it now I’m back in the UK.  I succeeded in reading all of the books I’d planned to whilst I was away and quite a few more as well- completing a pleasing 22 books in the fortnight- a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and Kindle and a few paperbacks.  I started one whilst I was away that I’m still continuing with now- a big chunkster at 700+ pages that I will probably keep as my bedside book, but other than that, the few paperbacks I took with me were left behind for other people to read. I do feel lucky to have speed-reading abilities sometimes, but there’s nothing like a proper holiday to curl up with a good book- or twenty…!

Below: a few of the paperbacks I read whilst I was awayBooks

In terms of particular reading highlights, my favourite novel was The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, with The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith coming in a close second.  I don’t think there were any books that disappointed me though; as I read mostly for escapism and had picked out reads I anticipated enjoying.  Handily there was also a book-drop in our hotel which I raided for a couple of paperbacks too.  I’ve nonetheless narrowed down my top five favourite holiday reads:

  • The Distant Hours– Kate Morton- riveting historical fiction, a story of secrets and betrayal
  • The Silkworm– Robert Galbraith- a contemporary murder mystery/suspense
  • Pieces of You– Ella Harper- a heart-breaking story of relationships, family and betrayal
  • Typhoon– Qaisra Shahraz- a moving novel of regret and redemption
  • The Missing One– Lucy Atkins- intriguing suspense-thriller, set against an appealing backdrop

I had in mind that I was going to do a proper snapshot review round-up of everything I read, but given that I got through so much, that doesn’t seem practical- especially with how busy I am probably going to be now that it’s back to every day life. I also have some other review posts planned for the next few days, but maybe after that if I have time, then some snapshot reviews may be forthcoming. We’ll see.

I did notice loads of people reading by the pool or on the beach- lots of holiday bookworms. There were no shops that sold magazines or newspapers close by (we were in a pretty rural location) and the wi-fi reception was poor, so people seemed to be curled up with kindles or paperbacks. The most popular books floating around that I could see appeared to be Marian Keyes’ last novel, Erica James and Lucinda Riley books, The Good Girl by Mary Kubica and also lots of Lee Child and Clive Cussler.  I’m tempted by The Italian Girl (Lucinda Riley), but I have so many other books to read on my shelves that I’m trying to curb my book-buying, at least for the moment.

So that’s it. My holiday may be over, but it’s safe to say that the reading will continue. Check back for more reviews soon 🙂


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