An early August Reading Analysis…

A bit of an early Reading Analysis post from me this month. The reason? As of tomorrow morning I am going on holiday for two weeks. Whoop whoop! Yep, MyGoodBookshelf is heading out of here for some much needed warmth- and hopefully some sunshine. Hence, no blog posts will be forthcoming from me until the middle of September, though I may tweet about what I’m reading should there be the opportunity to do so- and free Wi-Fi where we’re staying, of course!

This month has again been a bit of a mixed bag. For a start, I’ve been super-busy and just haven’t had the chance to do anywhere near as much reading as I’d wanted to- or planned to. I’m sure that will be rectified this coming fortnight however, as my Kindle is already fully-loaded with some much anticipated reads, and my travel bag has a couple of paperbacks tucked in there for the plane.

I started a new job at the beginning of the month. My hours are a bit longer and being so busy has dramatically eaten into my reading time, though I have to say that it is so nice actually using my brain again at work- and I’m really enjoying my new job.  I’m missing out on the morning train journey to work, but instead have been able to walk to my new office; now I listen to audiobooks and get some exercise at the same time which is great.  Also in the month we caught up with some university friends for a weekend and I spent some time with other friends here and there- including friends back in the UK from Australia and Barcelona. There is really no better reason for not reading though, than spending time with your mates, is there?

So, on to the actual books! I’ve actually only finished 15 of them up to now, with another one on the go at the moment that I might get done with by tomorrow- and an audiobook I’m halfway through on my IPOD as well. Pretty disappointing really, though not surprising. I’ve had LOADS just sat there on my Kindle which I’ve wanted to make inroads into, but I had some review books that I’d committed to read and wanted to get those done first. I also started Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen- the classics always take me a bit longer to plough through! Still, I imagine September’s total will be a LOT higher than August’s!

I have to say that there weren’t any particularly outstanding books that I picked up in August, or at least any reads that massively stood out to me. Certainly I experienced some enjoyable novels- mostly escapist chick-lit, but none that I can say were highlights of the year or anything, like I have in previous months. On the plus side I finally read some non-fiction again- a book about an ex-pat finding romance in France (I love reads like that) and I have some more non-fiction set aside for the coming fortnight, too.

So, onto my holiday reading list! In no particular order, here’s what I’m hoping to get around to picking up in the next couple of weeks:

  • Pieces of You- Ella Harper
  • The Silkworm- Robert Galbraith
  • Wish You Were Here- Victoria Connelly
  • The Distant Hours- Kate Morton
  • A Summer to Remember- Victoria Connelly
  • The Sea Sisters- Lucy Clarke
  • The Missing One- Lucy Atkins
  • The Bookshop That Floated Away-Sarah Henshaw
  • The Longest Holiday- Paige Toon
  • Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal- Mary Roach
  • The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory
  • Before We Met- Lucie Whitehouse
  • The Day The Falls Stood Still- Cathy Marie Buchanan
  • We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves- Karen Joy Fowler

As you can see- that’s a pretty extensive list, a lot of which are books that are merely chosen for escapism and humour. I don’t usually pick up especially taxing reads when I am trying to relax on a sun lounger, though there’s a few in there that may stretch my imagination a little! That being said, as it is an activity holiday we are undertaking, I’m not sure how much of the above list I will even end up getting through as I might be too busy paddle boarding or kayaking…!

So, that’s it from me for a couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a great September and I will be back with some more reviews on my return 🙂


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