Lovereading Reader Review: The Undertaking; Audrey Magee

In June, Lovereading in conjunction with Atlantic Books provided me with an advance review copy of The Undertaking, a haunting debut from Audrey Magee. 

Set amidst the horrors of WWII, it tells the story of an ordinary German family in the most extraordinary of times- and was shortlisted for the 2014 Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. 

I enjoyed the book; though it was bleak and almost depressing on occasion, it was powerfully written and didn’t hold back on showing the true horrors of war, from life in the trenches to how everyday people lived with something so hellish happening to them. I think this well-researched novel was worthy of 3.5 stars, possibly pushing 4 out of 5. 

You can read what I (and some other reviewers) thought of this novel here

The Undertaking is in shops now. 

Thanks to both Lovereading and Atlantic for the review opportunity.


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