Monday Ramblings: some temporary sunshine

Yesterday was a surprisingly sunny, hot day in our little part of the UK. At least for the most part.

DeckchairIt was so deliciously sunny infact, that whilst my better half went off on a 16 mile bike ride, I had the pleasure of curling up in a deckchair in our back garden. I know who got the better deal! 

There’s something about the sunshine that just makes you feel good. Relaxed. Generally a bit more positive about life.

Jules Verne novel in hand, I sat for the better part of four hours, just reading and relaxing with a cat joining me every now and then for company. It was absolutely blissful.

I finally, FINALLY thought that summer was here. Until this happened mid-afternoon:
Bouncing rain. Wind. Thunderstorms. Even lightning. 

Today of course, is back to being windy, cold and rainy. Its usual self.

Pah. “Summer’s here?”

I should have known better! 🙂


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