Lovereading Reader Review: How To Be A Good Wife; Emma Chapman

Waaaay back in March, Lovereading in conjunction with Picador, provided some of its readers with a copy of How To Be A Good Wife by Emma Chapman. This riveting debut had been recommended for fans of ‘Before I Go To Sleep,’ which needless to say was a book I thoroughly detested when I read it a few years back! 

That aside, the premise for this novel didn’t give away too much, which is always somewhat intriguing to me, so I was keen to see what it offered. 

Though perhaps somewhat contrived in places, this read-in-one-sitting book is a chilling story of secrets, lies and betrayal. That said, perhaps the less you know about it in advance of reading it, the better! As truths slowly unfold for Marta about her husband Hector and the true nature of their relationship, the reader ascertains that a devastating conclusion is on the horizon… 

I’m actually undecided as to whether or not to award this book 4 stars or 3 and a half as the narration of the story was so unreliable and I’m still not quite sure what happened(!), but needless to say, found this to be a worthwhile, engaging read. 

How To Be A Good Wife hits bookstores in the UK in April. You can read what I (and other reviewers) thought of this novel here

Thanks to Lovereading and Picador for the review opportunity.

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