Lovereading Reader Review: Ghostwritten; Isabel Wolff

In March, Lovereading in conjunction with Harper, provided advance review copies of Ghostwritten, the new novel by Isabel Wolff, an author I have enjoyed greatly in the past. This book was something of a divergence from her usual, light-hearted romantic reads, though that was quite a welcome surprise.

Part historical fiction, partly set in the present, this book is an appealing combination of romantic and historical fiction and tells the story of the Japanese occupation of Java during WWII, as seen through the eyes of Klara, a young girl who was taken to one of the internment camps during this horrific time. It is a story of guilt, regret and impossible choices and was a novel I enjoyed a lot- though for me the ‘past’ was far more interesting than the more contemporary story thread which was somewhat jarring in quality.

You can read what I (and other reviewers) thought of Ghostwritten here. Ghostwritten is on sale in UK bookstores now.

Thanks to both Lovereading and Harper for the review opportunity.


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