March 2014 Reading Analysis

Hello all. March seemed to fly by so fast- it’s hard to believe that it will soon be Easter. I am really looking forward to a few days break from work! In other news, I am also taking a few extra days off work in April to go wedding dress shopping with my mum, which as you can imagine, I’m incredibly excited about; almost as excited as she is, haha. Wedding planning dominated a lot of our time in March and most of our ideas for the day are now falling into place, but I still had time to get some reading done- of course. The weather has also been fairly pleasant in the UK as of late, so we’ve managed to spend a couple of weekends in the garden and make an early start on the vegetable beds. March also surprisingly saw our first BBQ’s of the year. 

I finished 19 books in March. It was a bit of a mixed bag of reads this month as I have been curling up with some escapist mystery, romance and crime novels as I just wanted to switch my brain off a bit given how busy I’ve been with other things, but then I also read a couple of massive chunksters that stopped me from doing anything else! I’ve also let my non-fiction reading lapse somewhat, so this is something I’ll hopefully be rectifying in April. The reading of the chunksters has also meant fewer blog posts this month, but I really don’t want to write reviews of other smaller books just for the sake of it if they aren’t massively interesting reads or there are already thousands of reviews online anyway. 

My favourite March reads were The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, which is the fourteenth book in the No 1. Ladies Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith and A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry which is just about the most perfect book I have ever read. If I had the ability to be able to tell a story like any author out there, then I would pick him. The book was an enthralling tale of political turmoil set in India and was remarkably written with such vivid characters. I feel the same way about that book as I do about Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible and it has easily made its way into my favourite books EVER list- which believe me, is no easy feat! 

In March I managed to get through a few books from the Guardian’s definitive list… as well, which was satisfying. I finished Cold Comfort Farm and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Some books from this exhaustive list I have really loved, but there are also a few that I am hesitant about getting around to- namely Wuthering Heights, which I have tried repeatedly to get through in the past and always failed about three chapters in. This book appears to be my kryptonite. 

I also read a few of my birthday books in the month. One of my favourites of these was The Camel Bookmobile, which proved to be a little gem of a read. Set in Kenya it was thoroughly atmospheric and definitely the kind of story sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves libraries! I also really enjoyed The Case of the Missing Servant, which is the first Vish Puri detective novel, set in Delhi. A really evocative, sensory read, some reviewers do compare these to the No 1. Ladies Detective Agency books, but I personally think they are somewhat grittier in context. As you may sense a theme in my reading patterns, I’m really enjoying books about India at the moment and the reason is that my fiancé and I are hoping to take a trip there later this year- fingers crossed. 

In April, aside from the aforementioned days off, I have no particular reading goals or plans, other than making my way through my shelves at leisure and beginning another non-fiction read. I’m taking it easy on reading review copies for a little while after reading a couple for Lovereading in March (review links to follow when they go live) and it’s actually pretty liberating to be able to just pick up what I want from my own pile of books with no obligations to meet review deadlines or have to make my way through a big stack of review copies. I think I only have one review book for April.

I hope everyone has a great reading month!  🙂



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