Wednesday Ramblings: The best place for reading

The sharp-eyed amongst you may pick up on the fact that after some fairly frequent postings at the start of the year, I’ve not posted any reviews for a few days now. This is basically because I am immersed in two chunky books at the moment and am relishing every single second of them. The first of these is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, which my goodness I am LOVING. The second is Under The Dome by the genius that is Stephen King. Undoubtedly, reviews of both of these books will be forthcoming in the near future, but it’s safe to say that I don’t want to rush them. If you’ve read either of them then you get me.

In savouring these books which I want to curl up with and lose myself in for hours the very second I get home, it got me thinking about my absolute favourite places to read. I commute to work via train, so get a fair bit of reading done then, but as I always have either a book (or my Kindle) about my person like most bookworms do, there are quite a few other spots where I get some opportunistic reading done:

The bus– As well as a train journey I frequently take the bus home from the train station and it is at these times that I am never more grateful that I have a book on me. Don’t want to make polite/awkward conversation with the passenger next to you who inevitably ends up stealing more than half the seat space and probably smells a bit funky into the bargain? The book is your own personal force field. Hold it up close to your face and the job is done

(Unless you end up sitting next to someone like me who then likes to make conversation about what you may be reading, that is).

My desk– my work desk. Yes. That is correct. A Kindle can be quite successfully tucked amidst a big stack of important-looking papers. What of it?

The loo– come on. You know what I’m talking about.

The bath– ain’t nothing better than lying in a hot bath with a good book and occasionally (very occasionally), a nice glass of wine. Well, I did this once and I enjoyed it. I once dropped a paperback in the bath, so now tend to not read favourite or precious books in the tub, just in case. For this reason, I’d also suggest not taking an e-book reader in there.

On Holiday– again, pretty self explanatory. One of my favourite bits about ‘relaxing’ holidays is in knowing I get to choose multiple books to take with me for the plane or by the pool. I am so much of a book geek that my books are usually organised way before I even start thinking about clothes. Again, sadness: I once dropped an Alex Garland novel in a swimming pool in Spain, so some further caution is also needed in thinking about the correct reading formats and being ever so careful about your holiday reading spots.

In the street, standing against a lamppost– when people whom I am meeting are late (which is fairly frequently with some of my besties poor time-keeping skills and my propensity for being punctually early), I don’t consider it weird to find a lamppost or bollard and lean against them with a book. Unless it’s raining, in which case it’s pretty tough juggling both a Kindle and an umbrella.

In the garden– when the weather in the UK is nice, which let’s face it isn’t particularly often, I adore grabbing a deckchair and a book and settling myself down for a good few hours in the sun, trying to not feel guilty that I am not weeding or taking care of other necessary bits and pieces. Sometimes our cats even curl up under the deckchairs and join me- much to their peril.

On the kitchen step– the sunlight hits our back garden first thing on a morning, bathing the patio in warmth (yes, I know that is slightly optimistic). If higher up in our garden is a bit shady and cooler early on, it’s great to sit on our kitchen step with a book and a cup of coffee.

At my parents caravan– my parents have a caravan on the coast of north east England. When we head up to the north east for a break, there’s nothing better than being ensconced on a couch up there as the wind rattles the van and the rain patters on the roof.

Starbucks– I know there’s that whole tax-avoidance thing, but Starbucks sofa’s are so cosy and their flat whites are just so yummy, that I really don’t think this needs too much justification. I might even ‘pretend-work’ in Starbucks one day instead of heading to the office. Hey, everyone else does it, don’t they?

My ‘reading’ seat– ahem. My wonderful hubby-to-be made me this fantastic little reading cubby in the corner of our office.

Reading Seat

I then proceeded to fill it with cushions and adorn it with fairy lights in anticipation of all of the great literature I would enjoy there. Now it is mostly used as a dropping off place for letters/banks statements in advance of them being un-neatly filed in the shelves above. I suppose it’s like the proverbial exercise machine that ends up being a coat-stand, but it just doesn’t get used! This is mainly because it’s quite a high seat and basically, I’m not very tall. I need a stool to get up there and get comfortable.

But I love it, of course. It looks very pretty.

The couch– we have a roomy L-shaped sofa which is squashy and positively perfect for sinking into with a book. Long gone are the days however when I could get lost in a novel and completely block out the noises around me. Now once my other half switches on his X-box or the telly, I have to disappear from such unwelcome distractions and take my book upstairs with me to…

Our lovely comfortable bed– enough said. Just about the best place for me to be in the whole, wide world.

Does anyone else have any favourite or unusual reading spots? I’d love to hear about them.


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