Six Literary Resolutions for 2014

With 2014 fast approaching, it seems only fitting to make some literary resolutions before the 31st dawns- potentially the only kind of resolutions I will possibly be able to stick to! Therefore, in 2014 I will aim to:

1)      Continue to read more classics from the Guardian 1000 books list.

2)      Read more books that are already impatiently sat on my bookshelves…

3)      …and not buy any more books until I get more of the aforementioned bookshelf books completed. (However, if I am gifted with books of course, that is acceptable 🙂 )

4)      And if I do buy any books (since that will be the trickiest resolution for me to stick to), I will make sure it is ones that I will read immediately- or at least a couple of weeks after purchase.

5)      I’m going to try and slow down my reading speed and take the time to savour the books I encounter a little bit more. It may mean that I read a bit less in the long-term, but I’m just fine with that.

6)      I will give a book at least forty percent of the way in- if it’s not holding my attention by that point, then away to the charity shop it goes. Life is just too short to read disappointing books.


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