November Reading Analysis

Hi everyone. I can hardly believe it’s less than a month now until Christmas. I don’t know where the time has gone these past couple of months, but I should really finish my Christmas shopping. I’m usually done by now and I’m having a major case of the guilt’s that I’ve barely even started making inroads into it this year.

I only read 10 books in the month, one of my lowest monthly tallies to date I think- a welcome blend of fiction and non-fiction, kindle books and tree books. I didn’t get through as many as I’d intended, but I enjoyed what I completed, so that’s all that matters and I have plans to get lots of reading done during the Christmas holidays, which I cannot wait for. I’ve also managed to clear quite a few books off my shelves again and get them to the charity shop- hurrah. Making space for more books is always of benefit. I’m also a bit concerned that I am now becoming a Stephen King junkie, having read (and sometimes re-read) so many of his books lately!

I plan to have a clear out and review of my shelves during the winter break I think. I have so many books that I’ve read and am most likely never to re-read that are taking up space. Most of my books live in our office and we do have two walls in there lined with shelves, floor to ceiling- many of which are now double and even triple-stacked. I’m truly a bit concerned that the weight of so many books may cause these shelves to collapse entirely one day and destroy the walls- or god forbid, crash through the floor! We also have a set of shelves in our living room where my ‘pretty’ books live. These tend to be Virago designer classics, Penguin orange classics and my favourite series of books. Fortunately, these shelves don’t seem to be too overwhelmed (at the moment), but with Christmas on the horizon and a lot of reading to be done, I’m not sure how much more populated these are going to become…

I got a bit more blogging done in November too, after a fairly slow start. When the books I read are chunky, I don’t always want to write about them afterwards- i.e. books about the Holocaust or hefty romance novels. I also don’t feel as inclined to review romance novels that are part of series, which I do read a lot of for a bit of escapism, nor do I constantly want to bombard people who read this blog with multiple reviews of Stephen King books! Sometimes I read book review blogs where the blog owners continually seem to beat themselves up if they don’t consistently review everything they read, and I must admit that I felt this way too at first, but I’m trying to get past that now. This blog has always been something I do for fun in my spare time and if it ever stops being fun then I’m not sure if it would be something that I’d want to continue with, to be honest.

Anyway, my favourite books in November were without a doubt Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain and Doctor Sleep (the sequel to The Shining) by Stephen King.

I STILL haven’t finished Moby Dick, which is a book I keep on my bedside table and is proving to be a very long slog to get through (understatement), though it is certainly helping me against any potential insomnia attacks. Though I can see why it’s something of a classic, in all honesty I’m finding it pretty dry in places. My goal in the month was to read a few more classics, particularly those that are encompassed on the Guardian’s 1000 books to read list, and needless to say, Moby Dick certainly fits the criteria- a complete leviathan of a novel, if you will excuse the pun! Nonetheless, I only have about 100 pages left to go, so will certainly wave goodbye to it soon. Another goal was to try and get through a bit more non-fiction; I wanted something humorous and so read Bill Bryson’s hilarious travelogue ‘Down Under’ which has been sat on my shelves forever. Needless to say, I found it to be both hilarious and fascinating- another book I should have got around to a lot sooner. I have some more Bryson books standing by, which I can’t wait to dive into soon.

I genuinely can’t think of one book that disappointed me in November at all, which is really good news- everything I picked up was a worthwhile read.

I’m aiming to post a few more reviews prior to Christmas of course, and I will be posting a reading analysis at the end of the month as usual. I will also be writing a post about my favourite books of 2013 at the start of the New Year aswell. I enjoy doing that as it gives me the opportunity to think back to the books I have especially enjoyed and what it was about them that made them particular favourites.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas! 🙂


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