October Reading Analysis

The UK has turned decidedly chilly this past week. The fallen leaves are sticking to the ground in a sludgy mess and the air smells like bonfires. Summer well and truly seems like a distant memory now. 

Cold weather aside, I’ve enjoyed October. I attended two weddings in the month- one up in Yorkshire and one down in Suffolk right on the coast; needless to say one was laden with rain and the other one decidedly windblown, but both were really enjoyable days spent catching up with friends. Weddings aside, I got a lot of reading done too. I’m still enjoying curling up with a book on an evening after work, either going to bed early with a cat lying on my feet, or ensconced on the couch under a blanket. It’s not been quite cold enough to turn the fire on in the living room yet, though I suspect that’s not too far in the future. 

I completed 21 books in October, which was more books than I got through in September, though given that I didn’t have as many ‘bulky’ reads this time around, is no real surprise. 

Because I had social commitments in the month, I didn’t want to commit myself to too many early review copies of novels, either. Most of October was actually spent going through books that have been sat waiting on my shelves to be picked up for a VERY long time and getting through some of those. Once read, they went in the bag to my local charity shop, which is always oddly therapeutic. 

I did read a copy of Cecilia Ahern’s forthcoming novel ‘How To Fall In Love’ on behalf of Lovereading right at the start of the month however, which I must confess was a big disappointment to me. I love her earlier books (particularly P.S. I Love You), but this one had a difficult, topical theme which I don’t think is a subject matter than can be successfully portrayed in chick-lit, if I’m honest. After this, I’m not so sure I would be in a massive rush to read any more of her novels, which is a shame. 

My favourite books of the month were without a doubt The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes and also (weirdly) The Shining by Stephen King, which I finally got around to reading, prior to delving into its sequel, Doctor Sleep which I have borrowed from a friend. I also greatly enjoyed The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald and Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey, which I reviewed on behalf of Netgalley (review to follow when it goes live). I really loved the majority of what I read in the month, actually! I read a lot of Stephen King books- in fact I had a total Stephen King reading binge, in honour of Halloween. 

I didn’t get any non-fiction read in October at all, so the plan is to try and read a bit more of that in November. I’m also looking forward to clearing my bookshelves a bit more next month, in advance of Christmas approaching- whereby hopefully I’ll get a lot more lovely books! The plan is to read my way through lots left on my shelves and then donate those novels to my local charity shop again. 

I hope everyone has a great November 🙂

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