Happy Birthday to my blog!

Wow, so it’s pretty hard to believe that my little blog is a whole year old today!

Those “in the know” call that a ‘Blogoversary’ apparently. You do learn something new every day!

I remember being so nervous when I finally started posting my random reviews and ramblings online, but this last year has been so much fun. I’ve read some really amazing books that I’ve enjoyed gushing about and have also had some nice interactions with some of the authors who I love. Reading books is pretty much my favourite thing in the whole world and it’s brilliant being able to communicate with people who feel the same way, though still a bit scary that your thoughts are out there for so many people to see.

One of my definite blog highlights?


Yes. That’s me he’s talking to. Alex Scarrow- THE Alex Scarrow- actually took the time to comment on my teensy tiny blog.

What a nice man.

I’ve also had the opportunity to review some really brilliant books on behalf of Netgalley and Lovereading aswell this year, Lovereading being one of my favourite book review sites.

The blog is just something that I write in my spare time. I can’t always dedicate all the time to it that I’d like to and I’m certainly not tech-savvy by any means (as evidenced by some of my blog photos on here!), but it means a lot to me that people even take the time to read it at all- so thank you everyone for stopping by!


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