July Reading Analysis

So I actually read quite a few more books in July than those seemingly meagre few I got through in June- and had a very decent reading month all in all, with not too many disappointing novels. The start of the month mostly consisted of chick-lit, chick-lit and more chick-lit! I wanted ‘switch your brain off’ novels to curl up with in the sun- as it’s even been too hot lately to get much done in our garden. Please understand, I’m by no means complaining about the baking heat and I’m positively relishing all of this unexpectedly hot weather in the UK, but it certainly makes the brain a little bit woollier and unable to concentrate hard for very long stretches of time, doesn’t it?

I was lucky enough to review some proof copies of Jane Green’s next novel Tempting Fate and Jo Jo Moyes The One Plus One, which won’t be released until early next year, both on behalf of Penguin UK via Netgalley. As soon as I am able (the publishers understandably like reviews to go on-line only a few weeks before actual publication), I will post links to both these reviews on my reading list, but needless to say that both were really terrific, romantic, girly reads that fans of these authors are sure to appreciate.

Anyway, I completed 24 books in July. My favourite books in the month in terms of fiction were definitely the poignant The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Call of the Wild by Jack London, which I’ve been meaning to read for a very long time. I fell utterly in love with this book and its spectacular, atmospheric writing made such an impression on me.

In terms of non-fiction I got through quite a few in the month, some of which I reviewed on behalf of Netgalley and for which the review links can be found on my 2013 reading list. I also read a decidedly graphic account of the life of a mortuary technician in ‘Down Amongst The Dead Men’ by Michelle Williams and am still ploughing my way through the absolutely wonderful ‘Bess of Hardwick’ by Mary S. Lovell. After such a heavy history tome, kept strictly for bedtimes, I’m not actually sure what my next hefty hardback read is going to be.

So, what reading do I have planned over the next few weeks? In August I have a lot of social events coming up, including a hen-do and a wedding amongst other things to attend (not mine, I hasten to add!), so I’m not sure how much reading will actually be on the horizon. I do however have some more modern classics set to one side to delve into and it’s probably about time I got through a few more books from my to be read shelf as well- the next in the TimeRiders series perhaps… I might even make a (re)start on Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Each time I attempt to read it I make it to exactly the same place in the book before stopping (which admittedly isn’t many chapters in), so needless to say I am determined to finish it one of these days!

I hope everyone has a great August!

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