Wednesday Ramblings: Tiger Eyes; Judy Blume

One of my favourite ever children’s books is Tiger Eyes by the genius that is Judy Blume. I have the rattiest paperback copy of it (below) still tucked away on my goodbookshelf and it’s one of those YA novels that I keep turning back to time and time again, purely for comfort and safe in the fact that even though I know exactly what happens (pretty much word for word), each reading exTiger Eyesperience seems to be better than the next.

Taking place in the late 1970’s, Tiger Eyes tells the story of Davis (Davey) Wexler, a teenage girl from New Jersey who travels to stay with relatives in New Mexico with her mother and younger brother after a shocking family tragedy. It is a poignant story of coming to terms with grief, family and friendships.

On my very first blog post I talked about my love for this wonderful novel and I’ve always been of the firm belief that this would make a cracking film.

Dude, they are making that film.

Or rather, they’ve already made that film. It’s been touring a lot of independent film festivals in the US since 2012 and has now been released in a host of cinemas over there, to critical acclaim. Directed by Lawrence Blume (Judy’s son) it promises to be a pretty faithful adaptation to the book, though has been brought forwards to the present a bit more, rather than being set three decades ago, which I suppose is understandable. You can read more about the cast and crew here and watch the movie trailer here (squee!).

I really want to see this movie and am keeping my eyes peeled for its UK release date though news about that has been somewhat vague over here (boo). In the meantime, I’m off to go and re-read the book once more…

Have any of you lucky US readers seen Tiger Eyes yet? What did you think?


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