Lovereading Reader Review: The Killing Game; J.A. Kerley

I received a review copy of the ninth Detective Carson Ryder novel The Killing Game for review from Lovereading. This is a new to me author, as well as series itself- and I was a bit concerned that I should have started right at the beginning, rather than jumping straight in there so late in the day. I have to say though, that the summary sounded just too good to resist: a serial killer with a vendetta against Alabama’s Police Department decides to take his wrath out on one man alone- Carson Ryder, an expert in bizarre and twisted crimes.

Thankfully my fears about beginning in the middle of the series were unfounded; this was a pacey, gripping read and enough back-story was provided so I knew who was who and what was going on. Enjoying this book so much has however prompted me to go and pick up the rest of the J.A. Kerley books at some point soon so I can savour them right from the start.

You can read what I thought of this book here. The Killing Game is published in the UK in June.

Thanks to Lovereading and Harper for the review opportunity.

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