Lovereading Reader Review: The Memory of Lost Senses- Judith Kinghorn

I was lucky enough to recently receive an advance review copy of Judith Kinghorn’s ‘The Memory of Lost Senses’ from Lovereading recently. Isn’t that an absolutely beautiful cover?! I love it.


Unfortunately for me, the cover was actually the best thing about this book. Too many jumps forwards and backwards in time, as well as a large cast of characters and a pretty rushed ending left me feeling quite ambivelant towards this book, which is such a shame. I really expected to adore it. It just goes to show: you can’t judge a book by its cover, can you? Sigh. *Must not be seduced by pretty book covers in future.*

Kinghorn’s debut ‘The Last Summer’ was an engrossing piece of historical romantic fiction set during WWI. For me, that book far outshone this one, which seemed a bit weak by contrast. My advice would be to read Kinghorn’s debut first, then if you fall in love with her writing style to give this one a go.

You can read my review (and the thoughts of some other reviewers) of The Memory of Lost Senses here.  This book is due to be published on the 23rd May (UK release date).

Thanks to Lovereading and Headline for the review opportunity.


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