January Reading Analysis

I didn’t get a vast amount of reading done in January, which was something I expected. I’ve read for pure escapism this month. The most complicated book I picked up was probably Stephen King’s 11.22.63. To be honest, the next day I even had to re-read the ending as I couldn’t remember what had happened, which is something I never do and just goes to show how my mind has been working lately. Concentration in the long-term has been a bit of a problem. 

After some sad family events at the end of last year, I have wanted to distract myself- and as I only had a couple of books that I had actually committed myself to review prior to said events, it was nice to have the freedom of choice to browse my to be read shelves and pick up something purely to please myself and not feel any pressure to write a review of it or meet any review deadlines- hence the mixed bag of genres in my 2013 list of books read so far and the larger than usual amount of chicklit titles thrown in there. 

I am not accepting any further book review requests at the moment either and this is the way I would like to stay for at least a little while. If I am reviewing I am tending to review books from my own shelves, and I haven’t requested any Netgalley reads either, which is really unusual for me, especially as there have been some fantastic titles offered on their early reviewers list. I am due to go on a fortnight’s holiday in late February and don’t want to commit to anything review-wise until I get back, though I do intend to continue posting reviews on here a bit more frequently- at least a couple of times a week is my intention, mainly to get back into the swing of things. 

I completed 21 books in January. Not a bad total by any means, but after being loaded up with books at Christmas, I was anticipating ploughing my way through them at a fast pace, particularly as it’s so cold at the moment (the UK has had some snow in January, and not just the grey mushy stuff either!) and my nights in in such weather are often spent curled up with a book. Last year, I averaged about 30 books a month, though I’m expecting February’s total to be higher than January’s.

It’s my birthday at the beginning of February too- and my usual gifts consist of books from my nearest and dearest- so I am expecting my bookshelves to be added to exponentially again in a couple of weeks. Eeek.  So many books, so little space. I also have my Kindle loaded up for the upcoming long-haul holiday flight and several meaty paperbacks on standby that I’m looking forward to making inroads into should anything unexpected happen to my Kindle whilst I’m away (always best to be prepared), so I expect some of those shelves to be flourishing for a good while yet. Needless to say, my boyfriend and I will be staying on a boat for two weeks, so I am anticipating getting a lot of reading done, amidst the bouts of whale-watching of course! 

So, onto my favourite books of the month: first up is Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. I think my review says it all to be honest. I really loved this novel, which was a perfect blend of history and romance with some wonderful characters. Next is Still Alice by Lisa Genova, a book I got for Christmas that deals with the heartbreaking minefield that is early onset Alzheimer’s disease. This is the most poignant book I have read in a long time.  Can I have three favourite books this month? I think so. Anyway, coming in as a late entry is Dark Matter by Michelle Paver which I completed only yesterday. Woo. What. A. Book!

I must also mention ‘Destroy All Robots’ by Darrin Grimwood, which was a well executed sci-fi/fantasy novel that cheered me up when I was feeling particularly blue at the start of the month. I posted a review on Amazon for this novel, which you can read here. This book is the first in an exciting new series and I will definitely be looking out for the rest. It’s the perfect escapist read with some really great world-building and deserves to do brilliantly. 

I didn’t really have any books that disappointed me in January at all, which was a nice bonus. Some I liked more than others of course, but there were no major let-downs or any really atrocious reads. I’ve finally (after twenty-eight and a bit years) reached the stage where if a book doesn’t particularly ‘grab’ me after the first fifty pages or so, then I put it down, ready for the charity shop- unless of course I have committed to review it, in which case I have to slog through it. Life’s just too short to be reading bad books, y’know? 

All that’s left for me to say is that I hope you all had a great, bookish January and that February finds you well.

One response to “January Reading Analysis

  1. Thanks again for your lovely review of Destroy All Robots – it meant a lot to me that little taste of Borneo brightened your day!

    Hope alls well,

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