November Reading Analysis

I can’t believe how quickly November has sped by. It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly Christmas! I must confess that I am nowhere near as organised this year as I have been in the past. Usually by the end of November all of my presents are bought and wrapped, but it’s safe to say that this has not been the case this time around. I’m planning on getting all of my Christmas shopping finished this weekend though and then I have the rest of December’s cold weekends and dark winter nights to curl up with some great books!

I read 32 books in November, 28 of which were fiction. I’ve tried to read more paperback editions this month as well, after reading so many Kindle books last month!

My favourite books of the month were without a doubt The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton and also Plague by Michael Grant, which is the fourth book in his fabulous YA series ‘Gone’. I devoured both these books, though now I am impatient to read the fifth book in the series by Michael Grant, which unfortunately isn’t released until April next year. How on earth will I wait until then?! I also read a few really good non-fiction books in the month, the best ones being Zoo Station and Surviving the Angel of Death, both of which were review copies provided to me by Netgalley.

There were a few reads that I didn’t enjoy so much though. I reviewed ‘Ignorance’ by Michele Roberts for Netgalley and it was such a chore to finish, though of course I felt obliged to do so, in order to provide a fair assessment. I don’t know if I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind, but I really didn’t get on with that book at all. I actually felt a bit resentful that I had to finish it, given that there were so many other books sat waiting for my attention! Similarly, ‘Choke’ by Chuck Palahniuk was a paperback I’d had sat on my shelves for ages, but when I got around to reading it I really disliked it.

In the run up to Christmas I am still trying to read as many of my old paperbacks as I can, with the aim of clearing them off to the charity shop or the book-drop at work when I’m done, and making space for lots of new books in 2013! I also have some festive reads that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into on my Kindle, and will definitely be re-reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, which I do in the run-up to 25th December every year, and without fail gets me in the mood for the big day.

I hope December is a good reading month for you all.

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