October Reading Analysis

Time seems to be flying by as the festive season approaches- I genuinely don’t know where October has gone. It’s just under 8 weeks until Christmas Day. Eek!

I don’t seem to have had as much time for blogging this month as I’d have liked- mainly because I’ve been busy reviewing a lot of books for Netgalley, but also because I had a short break at the start of the month and ever since then it seems like I’ve been playing catch up!

I’ve still made time for reading though. I’m trying to get through my extensive to be read shelves before Christmas gets here, in the hope that I will make space for lots of new books. I’m a lot more ruthless now than I was when it comes to parting with books once I’ve read them; I used to save every single book in the belief that ‘I will read it again one day’ but there’s just so many novels out there that I know this is no longer the case and I’m happy to pass them across to my local charity shops. The books I save now are the ones I truly love- either my beloved Penguin classics, Virago classics or series of books by authors that I adore. I have my good old favourites too, which I will never ever part with. Despite this and the mammoth charity shop clear out I had a while ago, our office/library shelves still seem to be groaning in pain.

So: October’s books. I read 33 books in the month.  3 of these were non-fiction. I’ve also read a lot more Kindle books this month, which is mainly to do with the aforementioned Netgalley reads that I was sent- though I have still squeezed in a few of my old tatty paperbacks as well.

My favourite books of the month have both been sat on my shelves for what feels like forever: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and The Painted Veil by Somerset Maugham- an oldie but a definite goodie! The Painted Veil is also an old Penguin Classic (orange) version that I picked up from a bookstore in Northumberland a while ago. If money (and space) was no object, I think I would have shelves full of orange penguin books- I just love the way they look. This one is originally priced at a shilling and also has an inscription inside dating back to 1960 something- older books like that genuinely fascinate me.

The most disappointing books of the month for me were Witch Hunt by Syd Moore and The Dinner by Herman Koch. Neither was terribly written, but I suppose I made the common mistake of buying into the hype and just expected more from both of these novels. I also had the opportunity of reading an uncorrected proof copy of The Twelve, by Justin Cronin, which is the follow-up to his epic Passage. I have to admit, that it wasn’t as good as what I had expected either and it did leave me feeling a little bit flat, especially as I had been waiting almost two years for it to be released!

I am already looking forward to November’s reads and hoping for some good ones in there. Have a good reading month everyone!


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