September Reading Analysis: Books, coffee and cake…

September was another good reading month for me as I managed to get through 29 books in total, despite having lots of other (welcome) distractions.

My favourite reads of September were definitely 600 Hours of Edward and The Snow Child. The Snow Child was fantastic and I can’t believe what a beautiful, evocative read it was- almost fairytale-like in its quality and I adored the Alaskan setting. 600 Hours of Edward was a brilliant fictionalised account of someone with Aspergers and Autism and I am very much looking forward to its sequel- I just fell in love with Edward Stanton, what a great protagonist. Both are novels I highly recommend.

I also managed to read two books from my official ‘to be read shelf,’ in September, which were The Bookseller of Kabul and Out of Africa. Both were good reads and added to my non-fiction reading tally for the month as well (sort of anyway!), though Out of Africa wasn’t perhaps as enjoyable as I had originally anticipated- fantastic beginning with some really poetic descriptions but then it grew a bit dry and started to drag on a bit towards the end. Needless to say, I am happy I did manage to read more non-fiction books overall in September than I did in August- I got through 7 this time around.

Purchase-wise I am happy to say that I have only bought three Kindle books this month. I have been very good at resisting temptation! This is mainly owing to the large amount of novels already stacked on my regular bookshelf which I have been trying to get through as well as books I have been sent for review and some I have borrowed from friends. I also have a lot of old Stephen King, John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark novels that I am in the process of reading, along with some newer books and I would like the pile to reduce at some point in the near future! I didn’t buy any paperbacks or hardbacks at all- which has taken a lot of willpower as there have been a couple of new releases that I am very eager to get my hands on- the new JK Rowling book for one. Hmm. Maybe next month.

Amidst all of the reading, I have also been doing regular bouts of baking in September (hence the title of this post), which whilst it has admittedly cut into my reading time, was in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and their yearly Coffee Morning- so was a really brilliant cause and well worth spending some time away from the books for. Lots of money has been raised by the sale of some very delicious (even if I do say so myself!) cakes at my workplace for this very worthwhile charity. However, I am a little bit fed up of spending lots of time in the kitchen covered in flour, so it will be nice to resume things as normal reading-wise come October. I also have a few days holiday break this month, so am stacking up some good books that I can take away with me.

Much to my excitement, via Lovereading I have also been sent an uncorrected proof copy of ‘The Twelve’ by Justin Cronin for review. I adored its prequel, ‘The Passage’ and dived into The Twelve last night. I already can’t put it down. Expect a link to that review shortly.

How was your reading month? Any good reads you would like to pass on?


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