August Reading Analysis

August Reading Analysis

August was a good reading month for me. I read 28 books in total, with another one on the go now that I probably won’t finish before tomorrow morning! I had expected to read more, particularly with a bank holiday weekend thrown in last weekend, but as usual bloody work real life got in the way.

Out of the batch, only 2 of these were non-fiction, which is a bit disappointing. I always aim to read more non-fiction books (usually travel, biography or animal related), but it never seems to turn out like that in the end. I get side-tracked or when I do eventually pick up a non-fiction book, I read a couple of pages, decide I’m not in the mood and then turn back to my fiction pile.

In terms of buying books, I was very good this month. I bought two ‘new’ books from a certain high street retailer, using a gift card I had received from a friend. I purchased two Kindle books online and my boyfriend bought me a couple of paperbacks whilst I was browsing the shelves in a charity shop. Not too bad, and I’ve already read all of them so I don’t have to feel guilty for adding anything to my TBR pile in that respect! I’ve also borrowed various books from friends this month, as well as acquired some review copies from both Goodreads and publishers along the way.

Talking of piles of books, we also had a good clear-out of our office/library last weekend. It’s admittedly mostly my library, given how many double (or triple) stacked books adorn the floor-to-ceiling shelves and are intruding into my poor boyfriend’s computer space. Anyway, I was feeling quite virtuous as we sorted out the shelves and at least 200 books have now been donated to the charity shop near where we live. They’re all books that I will never have the time to read again (I had always intended to, of course—otherwise why hold on to them?) or books that I have had for years and now my tastes have changed. In making space, I have managed to make lots of gaps for new incoming books in the future! It was also good to see just how many books I have waiting on my TBR pile and get excited about reading them soon.

A picture of the main shelf in the office/library is here (from my boyfriend’s Flickr account). This is just one wall, and doesn’t allude to the rest of the books we have shelved elsewhere in the house. including my mammoth cookbook collection in the kitchen. Gulp. Looking at this photograph I can now concede where my boyfriend is coming from when he tells me that I have ‘a bit of a problem…’

Anyway, my favourite book read in August was definitely Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Fantasy isn’t a genre I usually read, but this book completely blew me away and I cannot wait to read the sequel. It’s already in my top five favourite books of 2012 and I don’t see that changing at any time soon. Close second was The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party by Alexander McCall Smith (taken from my TBR list). Can I have a third? Oh go on then. The Unseen by Katherine Webb was also a very evocative, intriguing read.

The most disappointing novel was by far, The Daughter Game by Kate Long. I have loved all of her other earlier books I have read, so what happened with this one I just don’t know. It didn’t grab me in any way and I actually found it quite creepy with really wishy-washy characters. I’d also had my hopes built high for Tracey Garvis Graves The Island after reading so many positive reviews and only found this so-so, a bit contrived in fact.

All in all, not a bad reading month. Bring on September’s books!


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