Review: Plague; Victor Methos

“Do you know what happens when one civilisation dominates the world for too long? Decadence, corruption… evil.”- 4 stars

Source- Kindle bought copy

I presume this book to be self-published- I can’t find any information stating otherwise! Published in August 2012.

333 pages

My moods have varied a lot recently with books and occasionally after reading chicklit or something serious, I have the desire to read an intense serial killer or a pacey thriller- a book with a bit of ‘oomph.’ Yesterday I was in the mood for the latter and stumbled across this relatively new release on Amazon. I loved the premise, which reminded me of a recent episode of ‘Body of Proof’ I watched and decided to download it. I’m glad I did actually, because this was an engaging thriller. It’s relatively short but held my attention throughout and I would definitely try more novels by this (previously unknown to me) author in future.

In a fast-paced storyline that moves across South America, Hawaii and Los Angeles, the plot of this medical thriller centres on the release of a lethal pathogen that has the potential to wipe out all of mankind—unless the pathogen (dubbed as ‘Agent X’ can somehow be contained. With shadowy forces at work however, subduing Agent X may not be as easy as the CDC and the American Government initially anticipate…

Given that the storyline’s setting moves around so much, I hadn’t expected that the writing of the places would be so evocative, but Methos does a great job in conjuring up humid South American jungles and beautiful green landscapes and beaches of Hawaii. This is more of a plot-led book, but even so, characters are well-drawn and you get a sense of CDC Dr Samantha Bower and her colleagues. There was less of a sense of knowledge conjured around mysterious non-FBI agent ‘Billy Donner’ but then again, he is supposed to be something of an enigma and I found the sense of mystery around him to be well drawn and was left wondering about him throughout the novel.

The depiction of the virus itself was solid, and the way it slowly targets the population with its sinister symptoms and then the initial cause and effect. I did find it a bit gross in places- being a coffee lover and one of the side effects being ‘black vomit’ that looks a bit like ‘coffee grounds.’ Ick! Nevertheless, the dramatic element of Agent X was very well written and I found sections at the hospital with the quarantined infected quite fascinating

If I had any criticism to offer about this book, it would be that although the ending certainly leaves this book open for a sequel, I did find the last couple of chapters admittedly a bit rushed for my liking with not a massive amount of explanation as to how the pathogen came to be released in the first place and what happens next. That didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story however, and as I say, I would read more by Victor Methos in future- particularly should there be a sequel to this one.

I would recommend this book for those of you looking for a quick, dramatic thriller or seeking a new author in this genre.


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